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stake today.

stake today co2 neutral

We are a passionate crypto duo, who strongly believe in the technology behind Cardano. For us, hodling was not enough and we wanted to do more for the Cardano community. That is why we started the Stake Today pool.

With our background in Artificial Intelligence, programming and marketing, we have joined forces to set up a very well-functioning stake pool. In this way, we hope to be able to add value to Cardano’s decentralized network. And not unimportantly: We strive for the highest possible Return Of Assets percentage for our delegators.

Because we have dozens of trees planted every month, we neutralize our CO2 footprint. This makes us a co2 neutral stake pool.


Starfish stake pool Cardano


Maintenance Operator

My name is Marc and I am 25 years old. I am the maintenance operator of Stake Today. I have experience in different programming languages, such as Python, C, C #, C ++, a bit or Java. I am also experienced in the area of artificial intelligence.

Starfish stake pool Cardano


Marketing and Communication

My name is Chris and I am 25 years old. I first came into contact with cryptocurrencies in 2017. From the start, I was immediately enthusiastic about the new technology behind the blockchain. I strongly believe that Cardano will take a leading role in this rapidly developing blockchain era. That is why I have developed a great love for this special project and I will support the project as much as possible.

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